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M2 | | SEPTEMBER 2018 CHANGING TIMES AHEAD The international news, as I write, is dominated by extreme weather events such as the heatwaves throughout Europe, wildfires in the United States, Portugal and Greece; flash floods in India and a heatwave and catastrophic rainfall in Japan. Across the ditch, drought is taking hold and farmers are battling to keep their stock alive. And at least some global experts are seeing this as the face of climate change playing out in real time. Extreme weather is becoming a worry in New Zealand too so I was pleased to see, last month, 60 businesses, making up nearly 50 percent of New Zealand's emissions, joining forces to tackle the issue of climate change. On a mission to reduce emissions in New Zealand, the group of 60 CEOs have formed the Climate Leaders Coalition, recognising the role that business can play in bringing about change and signing a joint statement, which commits their companies to action. As CEOs this group will know they can't control things outside their sphere of influence but at least something is being done, which is also what our story on how CEOs can fail points to. It notes that transformational leaders are the exception, not the rule, and that the hypothesis that it's all down to the iconic man or woman at the top, is a myth. "The reality is that much of a CEO's success or failure can be ascribed to context." (Page 6). And climate change is one very big context. We've called this issue our change issue, because our main stories are all centred around change in some form or another. Personal change on page 13 as our publisher Cathy Parker shares her story of a makeover by stylist Jackie O'Fee. In business the way you present yourself matters, a lot. And we hope you'll be able to take some tips from Cathy's journey. Meanwhile IMNZ and IBM look at the huge changes AI is already bringing to bear across many industries (page 24) and one leader shares her story of moving from corporate New Zealand to head up a local government organisation (page 13). I hope you find the magazine a useful tool in your business life. Annie Gray F R O M T H E E D I T O R 4 9 HOW TO DRESS: THE POWER OF A GREAT OUTFIT As executives move into more senior roles or as senior executives look to move into governance roles, the perception people have of you counts. And that includes the way you dress. Management set out on a Designer Suit Makeover with stylist Jackie O'Fee… and learned a lot. By Annie Gray. 13 A DIFFERENT TYPE OF LEADERSHIP Heather Shotter has a strong corporate background including 12 years as part of the leadership team at Skycity and more latterly as executive director of two not-for-profit organisations. Now she's taken on the chief executive role at Palmerston North City Council. Management asked her how leading in the local government sector differed from a leadership role in the corporate sector. 15 LEADERSHIP THINKING While a recent survey of New Zealand CEOs identified a "return to territorialism" as the greatest threat to growth for their organisation, it also found they are less confident about their organisations delivering digital transformation. NZ Management magazine is published by Adrenalin Publishing Limited. It is the officially recognised magazine of the Institute of Management New Zealand. Editorial material does not necessarily reflect the views of IMNZ. Copyright: NZ Management is copyright and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the written permission of the publisher. Neither editorial opinions expressed nor facts stated in advertisements are necessarily agreed to by the editor or publisher of NZ Management and, whilst all efforts are made to ensure accuracy, no responsibility will be taken by the publishers for inaccurate information, or for any consequences of reliance on this information. NZ Management is an 11 issue magazine. Subscription in New Zealand is $68 (incl GST). Please call us for overseas rates. Enquiries: Adrenalin Publishing Limited, 14C Vega Place, Mairangi Bay, PO Box 65 9092, Mairangi Bay, Auckland 0754, New Zealand. Phone: 09-478 4771, Fax 09-478 4779. Institute of Management New Zealand enquiries to: or IMNZ - Box 6600, Auckland 1141 Vol 65 No 8 • ISSN 1174-5339 (Print), 1179-3910 (Online) EDITOR Annie Gray ADVERTISING MANAGER Leanne Moss ADVERTISING EXECUTIVE Rachel Witberg DESIGN & PRODUCTION COVER IMAGE Gettyimages PROOFREADER George Ward PUBLISHER Cathy Parker CONTRIBUTORS Michael Jarrett, Kate Kearins, Jane McCarroll, Jackie O'Fee, Cathy Parker, Paul Stringleman, Christine Whelan. SUBSCRIPTIONS & CIRCULATION ENQUIRIES Follow us on

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