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M2 | | OCTOBER 2018 EVERYTHING IS CHANGING It was with some amazement I read a story by Bloomberg that a few super rich Silicon Valley entrepreneurs were buying multimillion-dollar 150-tonne survival bunkers. And sending them down to New Zealand. And burying them underground. Then, at the first sign of an apocalypse they can jump on a private plane and head to our relatively safe shores. Really? It sounds totally overly- dramatic even if, like me, you are a big fan of The Walking Dead. But I guess in today's world you have to assume anything is possible and what might have seemed impossible and far-fetched 10 years ago is happening all around us. I am guessing too that these very clever billionaires will also be applying their vast talents to look at ways to ensure nuclear war; killer germs or an uprising against the super-rich won't actually happen. While it wasn't mentioned in the story I saw online, I'd think climate change and the myriad of natural disasters we are witnessing at the moment, would pose a greater threat than anything else. And working on our lead story this month only confirmed that feeling. As commentators noted the climate is always changing and has been throughout the centuries. But what is new is that the pace and scale of climate change is becoming greater and we are seeing it playing out in real time. See page 6. This issue we also delve into ageism in the workplace. It's also real and as our population ages, it is something leaders need to be thinking about and addressing. It's also horrifying to learn that in some instances, 50 plus is considered "aged". But as the article asks: How often does your recruitment company pass on CVs of applicants aged 50 plus? Or when did you last employ someone older than you? See page 14. Have a good month. Annie Gray F R O M T H E E D I T O R 5 10 THE TEMPERATURE IS RISING ON EMISSIONS Looming global risks associated with our changing climate are predicted to raise the frequency and intensity of rising temperatures, storm surges and other weather events. Here Institute of Directors chief executive Kirsten Patterson addresses the implications of climate change pressures on governance. 11 THE STYLE JOURNEY In the corporate world is the way you look and dress important? While in the big picture of world changing events that seem to swamp leaders daily, it may seem a trivial point, but first impressions count and what you wear may even affect your psychological processes. By Annie Gray. 14 AGEISM IN THE WORKPLACE A recent survey found that most businesses agreed that they should take extra steps to attract and retain older workers, viewing them as an "untapped resource". Yet 80 percent had no specific strategies in place and the majority agreed that older workers can face barriers to being hired because of age. By Retirement Commissioner, Diane Maxwell. NZ Management magazine is published by Adrenalin Publishing Limited. It is the officially recognised magazine of the Institute of Management New Zealand. Editorial material does not necessarily reflect the views of IMNZ. Copyright: NZ Management is copyright and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the written permission of the publisher. Neither editorial opinions expressed nor facts stated in advertisements are necessarily agreed to by the editor or publisher of NZ Management and, whilst all efforts are made to ensure accuracy, no responsibility will be taken by the publishers for inaccurate information, or for any consequences of reliance on this information. NZ Management is an 11 issue magazine. Subscription in New Zealand is $68 (incl GST). Please call us for overseas rates. Enquiries: Adrenalin Publishing Limited, 14C Vega Place, Mairangi Bay, PO Box 65 9092, Mairangi Bay, Auckland 0754, New Zealand. Phone: 09-478 4771, Fax 09-478 4779. Institute of Management New Zealand enquiries to: or IMNZ - Box 6600, Auckland 1141 Vol 65 No 9 • ISSN 1174-5339 (Print), 1179-3910 (Online) EDITOR Annie Gray ADVERTISING MANAGER Leanne Moss ADVERTISING EXECUTIVE Rachel Witberg DESIGN & PRODUCTION COVER IMAGE Gettyimages PROOFREADER George Ward PUBLISHER Cathy Parker CONTRIBUTORS Kate Kearins; Jane McCarroll; John McGill; Diane Maxwell, Jackie O'Fee; Cathy Parker; Kirsten Patterson. SUBSCRIPTIONS & CIRCULATION ENQUIRIES Follow us on

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