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2 11330 NETT CIRCULATION Six months Ended 1st Half 2008 Editor: John Oxley Email: Contributors: Ross MacKay Advertising manager: Annie Cope Email: Automotive Group Sales Manager: Dan Prestige Email: Publisher: Cathy Parker Email: Subscription Manager/Enquiries: Annette Colbert Email: Proofreading: George Ward Adrenalin Publishing Ltd 14C Vega Place, Mairangi Bay PO Box: 65092 Mairangi Bay, Auckland 0754 Phone: 09 478 4771 • Facsimile: 09 478 4779 Subscriptions: Motor Equipment News–an 11 issue magazine subscription in New Zealand is $59 (incl GST). Please call us for overseas rates. CONTENT Copyright Motor Equipment News is copyright and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the written permission of the publisher. Neither editorial opinions expressed nor facts stated in advertisements are necessarily agreed to by the editor or publisher of Motor Equipment News and, whilst all efforts are made to ensure accuracy, no responsibility will be taken by the publishers for inaccurate information, or for any consequences of reliance on this information. Printing: ImageCentre ISSN 1175-1908 Website 10,623 NET CIRCULATION First quarter 2017 February 2019 10 OEM news 24 EValuation 25 Diagnostics 30 Panel & Paint 31 Diesel Industry News 34 Business directory 35 Motor sport E D SPE A K A mishmash start to 2019 What a start to the year! It's been a really slow "silly season" for the local media, with the result that much of the reporting has been taken up by news of the "unruly family" from Liverpool, which it turns out, are what we called "didicoy" in the North of England – described by the Collins dictionary as "a group of caravan-dwelling roadside people who live like Gypsies but are not true Romanies". Their antics have been pretty much the same as those people who occasionally took up temporary residence near our mining village when I was a lad, and we always breathed a collective sigh of relief when they moved on, as this lot will eventually. But there won't be any such relief from the ongoing debate about e-scooters, and the danger of using them to both their riders and other road users. It won't get any real attention from the government until someone is killed. We got pretty close to that when a student in Dunedin reportedly rode through a red light and collided with a truck, but transport minister Phil Twyford isn't interested in doing much about it. My worry, and I'm sure it will start to kick in soon, is what this will do to ACC payments for small businesses and self-employed people. As of January 21 there had been more than 850 claims for e-scooter related crashes, costing the ACC well over $300,000 – and that's only since the end of October – so this is fast becoming not just a public safety problem, but a financial one, too. It must be worrying e-scooter provider Lime, too, as the company has offered to pay a slice of its per-ride levy to the ACC – but in return it wants a long-term licence to operate. Interesting times. Meanwhile the government is throwing more money at electric vehicle use, which at the end of the day means those of us who can't afford this expensive means of transport are going to be subsidising those who can. Robin Hood in reverse?

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