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M2 | | MAY 2019 FINDING OUR PLACE IN A GROWING WORLD It is always fascinating to talk to individuals whose work and background means they really do see the big global picture and have a very clear-eyed view of where the world is heading, in their particular sphere of influence at least. So it was illuminating to talk to global infrastructure expert, Richard Threlfall, from the United Kingdom who was in New Zealand on a fleeting visit to speak at the Institute of Directors' conference. He says that the infrastructure sector is going through something of a revolution and global population growth, and needs, mean that in the next six years infrastructure spend is going to grow by between US$6 trillion and US$9 trillion, with a good portion of it in our part of the world. I'm guessing we won't be seeing any of the megaprojects in New Zealand, such as the recently opened bridge linking Hong Kong to Macau and Zhuhai, but I do wonder what role New Zealand businesses can play. Perhaps we will be the ones to lead the world in "Cathedral thinking", as Richard discusses. Maybe we can choose to invest more wealth than we consume on infrastructure so that our children's children and their children will benefit from our investment. That after all is at the crux of many Iwi organisations business models. (See page 6). This issue we also get a preview of a major new study undertaken by Dr Ann Hutchison of the University of Auckland and performance and remuneration specialists Strategic Pay. It looks into the collective CEO wisdom on managing a top team in today's climate. And while CEOs across the spectrum of New Zealand's business sector are very clear on what they want in their top team, they don't, in many instances, appear to be getting it. (Page 9). And here, I think, is the best quote in this issue, from Cathy Parker who is looking at the phenomenon of "virtue signalling" in her column on page 18. She quotes the Urban Dictionary describing it as: "To take a conspicuous, but essentially useless action, ostensibly to support a good cause but actually to show off how much more moral you are than everybody else." That had me laughing out loud. We hope you enjoy this month's read. Annie Gray F R O M T H E E D I T O R 2 4 LEADERSHIP LESSONS FROM CHRISTCHURCH It is in times of crisis – especially crises that carry with them basic issues of survival and morality – that we most feel in need of leadership to help bring us together and chart a way forward, writes Suze Wilson. 9 COLLECTIVE CEO WISDOM ON MANAGING A TOP TEAM CEOs across the spectrum of New Zealand's business sector are very clear on what they want in their top team – they want them performing as one cohesive, integrated unit. Collaboration is the key word. The problem is CEOs don't seem, in many instances, to be getting the unity they seek. 13 NEW ZEALAND'S UNTAPPED TALENT POOL Business plays a vital role in opening up opportunities to recognise and utilise the expertise and experience sitting within our refugee community. Rochelle Stewart-Allen explains how business can make the necessary changes to ensure our resettled Kiwis get a fair go. 14 GREAT LEADERS NEED COURAGE AND DIVERSITY Diversity and inclusion are two different things. Employing people from different backgrounds, with different perspectives, does not mean they will have a voice. By Alida Raubenheimer-Coetzer. NZ Management magazine is published by Adrenalin Publishing Limited. Copyright: NZ Management is copyright and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the written permission of the publisher. Neither editorial opinions expressed nor facts stated in advertisements are necessarily agreed to by the editor or publisher of NZ Management and, whilst all efforts are made to ensure accuracy, no responsibility will be taken by the publishers for inaccurate information, or for any consequences of reliance on this information. NZ Management is an 11 issue magazine. Subscription in New Zealand is $68 (incl GST). Please call us for overseas rates. Enquiries: Adrenalin Publishing Limited, 14C Vega Place, Mairangi Bay, PO Box 65 9092, Mairangi Bay, Auckland 0754, New Zealand. Phone: 09-478 4771. Institute of Management New Zealand enquiries to: or IMNZ - Box 6600, Auckland 1141 Vol 66 No 04 • ISSN 1174-5339 (Print), 1179-3910 (Online) EDITOR Annie Gray ADVERTISING MANAGER Leanne Moss ADVERTISING EXECUTIVE Rachel Witberg DESIGN & PRODUCTION COVER IMAGE Gettyimages PROOFREADER George Ward PUBLISHER Cathy Parker CONTRIBUTORS Kate Kearins; Nigel Murphy; Jackie O'Fee; Cathy Parker; Alida Raubenheimer-Coetzer; Rochelle Stewart-Allen; Suze Wilson. SUBSCRIPTIONS & CIRCULATION ENQUIRIES Follow us on

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