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Wireless Nation's Tom Linn ❖ ♦Marketing your good idea ❖♦ FaceMe's audience with Sir Richard Branson JULY 2013 6 and when it does you want QBE on your side Imagine: fruit destined for markets overseas ruined when an unexpected visitor boards ship. QBE has more than 200 different business insurance policies working to help protect New Zealand businesses on land and at sea - including Liability, Trade Credit and Marine Cargo. So when it hits the fan, you want QBE on your side. GREEN SHOOTS The first financial bite is felt by local distributors, left with inferior product to deliver. Additional pesticide spraying is required before the product is allowed on shore. Retailers need to display special advertising acknowledging this. Which cuts into their margins – and their sales. And ultimately all look for someone to blame. Someone to pay compensation. Talk to your insurance broker about QBE before the financial worm turns on your business. 8.20 $ July 2013 QBE-019 Exporter Rapport Rob Fenwick's mission to save the planet FLEXIBLE FACTORING RETURN TO SENDER The values driven start-up Smooths cashflow, generates growth MOBILE APPS that mean business

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