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SEPTEMBER 2017 i N S I D E S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 7 WHAT TRUE ORGANISATIONAL DESIGN LOOKS LIKE NINE TO FIVE: IS FACE TIME A RELIC FROM THE PAST? HOW TO FIND A NOVEL SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEM The long game: Re-engineering your business for artificial intelligence The long game: Re-engineer your business What is true organisational design? Is the time for face time gone? Find novel solutions to that problem $ 8 .90 STUDY OPTIONS: OUR 2018 GUIDE TO NZ'S MBA PROGRAMMES REVEALED: THE FOOD RETAIL MAESTROS BEHIND NEW YORK DELI HOW TO CREATE A GREAT WORK CULTURE MAGAZINE The serendipitous times of Muse Boutique's Olivia Vincent. Olivia's FASHION odyssey

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