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25 Years – A quarter of a century, something of a milestone especially in the dynamic and constantly changing publishing business. In 1993, with my longest previous job having been eight years I am sure I didn't project forward 25 years to where we are now. Over the years we would have had close to 100 different staff and around 16 different mastheads, not to mention six different premises (albeit two for quite short transition periods). Certainly it is the team of people over the years that has helped make it all possible and helped make the company what it is today, The social club pages in here show some of the fun times we have had, so thanks to current and past staff who have shared the journey and will help take the business on into the future. When I started 25 years ago you just had to produce a magazine every month, no internet and basic computerisation, now publishing is a multi-faceted business and we have all had to grow a variety of skillsets to cope with this complexity. Thank you all for your support. Cathy Parker " "

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