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BREXIT CLIMATE CHANGE CLIMATE CHANGE AI AI RISING INTEREST RATES RISING INTEREST RATES TRADE WARS MIDDLE EAST CONFLICT TRADE WARS BLOCKCHAIN BLOCKCHAIN NATIONALISM NATIONALISM Middle East Conflict Climate change Brexit Brexit Brexit Nationalism Nationalism Nationalism INCOME INEQUALITY INCOME INEQUALITY BLOCKCHAIN AGING POPULATION Aging population DECEMBER 2018 | | M1 10 22 18 6 WHAT LIES AHEAD IN 2019? With so much going on in the world where is a leader to start? Think climate change, Brexit, trade wars, Middle East conflicts, ageing populations, blockchain, the rise of AI, nationalism rearing its head, despotic regimes and the ugly face of income inequality. With the world feeling as if it's in a time like no-other, Annie Gray set out to find out what might lie ahead in 2019. 25 C O N T E N T S D E C 2 0 1 8 / J A N 2 0 1 9 , V o l 6 5 N o 1 1 18 PRODUCTIVITY IS ABOUT CHANGING HABITS If we want a culture that lifts our productivity and motivation, then we need to look at the habits that shape that culture, many of which are counter to what we say the culture and values of our organisation are, Ali Tocker tells Jane McCarroll. 20 MANAGING FOR A BETTER WORLD Freelancing from without - and from within. By Kate Kearins. 21 REMUNERATION Performance reviews are changing. By Michelle Gapes. 22 STRATEGY Governance of risk is a two-way street. By Cathy Parker. 23 LIFE ONLINE Keep your promise – keep your customer. By Sarah Pearce. 24 CORPORATE STYLE Christmas parties: How glamorous is too glamorous? By Jackie O'Fee. IMNZ WHAT IS YOUR PERSONAL BRAND? If we want to take control of our career moving forward, having a clear vision around the type of brand we want to be known for is crucial, writes Alisa Bartholomew.

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