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How is your 2019 new year resolution progressing? As a small or new business owner getting a mentor to support you is part of a tested formula for business success. If you resolved this year to turn your business idea into reality, create additional income from what you have worked so hard for to date or ultimately want to free up valuable time to spend with friends and family, we can help. Your business is your business, and making your business succeed is good for you and great for the New Zealand economy. Our mentors are amazing people; they volunteer their time specifically to help other business people gain insights and avoid the pitfalls that they have either experienced themselves or learnt from their business endeavours. Our mentors will work with you to ensure you achieve what you want to achieve at your own pace, in confidence, and with the full support of Business Mentors New Zealand with its 27-year history and thousands of satisfied business clients. What have you got to lose, except potential income, the prospect of continuing to work in isolation, or time that could be spent doing what you love rather than what you are forced to do? Visit our website and register for a business mentor today. 0800 209 209

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